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A Hungarian citizen, who intends to marry in Turkey, can request a certificate of family status prior to the marriage at the Consulate General. The certificate is issued in two languages (Hungarian and Turkish). The certificate contains the personal data of the Hungarian spouse (name, address, birth data, birth name of the mother, name of father) and his/her family status according to the data stored in the Hungarian personal data and address register (single, married, divorced, widower, etc.).

Please note that under the current legal regulations, the certificate only states the family status of the client (single, married etc.), however it does not state that there is no legal obstacle to the marriage.

The required documents are the followings:

  • valid passport, identity card
  • Hungarian address card (lakcímkártya)
  • simple copy of the birth certificate

You can find the family status (családi állapot igazolás) service fee here.