The Consulate receives clients only at previously booked appointments!


You can make appointment on this website:

After choosing your consular case type and date of appointment, the system sends you an automatic email about the details of the chosen case including the list of documents you have to bring to the appointment (e.g. valid passport, birth certificate etc.) and the forms you have fill in advance. These fully filled in forms have to be with you at the appointment!


Please note that in case at the appointment any of the required documents is missing or any of the forms is not fully previously filled in, the Consulate cannot receive you and you have to make a new appointment!


The required documents can be downloaded from the link in the automatic reply sent from the appointment system.  The required forms always have to be filled in previously with the correct data and you have to bring it to the appointment! 


Wearing mask in the building of the Consulate and in the consular waiting room is obligatory. Please keep social distance, also use hand sanitizers at the Consulate!

Please arrive right on time at your appointment! In case of delay, the Consulate cannot receive you and you have make a new appointment!



Consular Fees


At the Consulate, the client receives a payment document with the exact amount to be paid in EUR at Türkiye İş Bankası.  Please note that the payment can be done only in Türkiye İş Bankası branches (not at the Consulate). Bank transfer is only possible if the client has an EUR based bank account. For bank transfer, further information is provided at the appointment.

Please make all the payments according to the Consulate’s instructions, and do not pay any amount in advance!

You can find the list of the service fees here.


After submitting the application


In cases of procedures where the assistance of an authority in Hungary is required (e.g. passports, civil registrations), only the given office in Hungary can provide information on the current status of your case.

When the procedure ends and the document (passport, birth certificate etc.) arrives to the Consulate, you will be informed immediately via phone or e-mail.


Being in contact with the Consulate


For detailed information regarding the available services, please check our website.


If you cannot find the information you were looking for on our website, please contact us via the email address. Due to the overload of our phone lines, please always contact us in email first.


Please do not call the emergency phone numbers or other sections of the Consulate for general consular information requests. We can give you information via phone only in the opening hours of call service.