From January 2018, Hungarian children born abroad are entitled to a new type of financial support by the Government of Hungary.

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Maternity allowance and Youth start-up allowance (so-called “Baby bond”)

From 1 January 2018, applications for maternity allowance (“anyasági támogatás”) and for Youth start-up allowance (“Fiatalok Életkezdési Támogatása” – FÉTÁM, so-called “Baby bond” or “Babakötvény”) can be submitted by Hungarian citizens living abroad.

Applications can be submitted only in person by prior appointment. Appointments can be made via the online reservation system.

The use of the online reservation system and making appointment is free of charge.

Online booking system

When booking, please select the "Maternity allowance / FÉTÁM" case type.

The procedure is free of charge.


Maternity allowance

The maternity allowance is a one-time support following the birth of a child, amounting to HUF 64,125 per child (in 2018) and HUF 85,500 per child in the case of twins.

The biological mother / adoptive parent / guardian – regardless of her nationality – can apply for this state-granted maternity allowance within six months from the child's birth. The child should have Hungarian citizenship or Hungarian origin. The mother can submit the application also if the registration of the birth of the child has not yet been completed in Hungary.

The required documents are the followings:

  • valid passport and identity card of the mother
  • birth certificate of the child

In the case of an application submitted by an adoptive parent or a guardian, the decision of the guardianship authority authorizing the adoption and the decision of the guardian's appointment must also be attached.

It is important that no Hungarian address should be shown on the application forms, even if the applicant has a permanent address in Hungary, as in this case the application should be submitted according to the rules for domestic applicants. The place of actual foreign residence must be supported by certain documents (e.g. foreign utility bills, identity document with a foreign address). The Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár) requests to indicate the IBAN code on the application form (in addition to the foreign bank account number), or attach a bank account statement containing the IBAN.

If more than six months have passed since the birth, a petition (igazolási kérelem) can be submitted. In the petition, you should indicate the reasons why you could not apply in deadline, no later than eight days from the end of the obstructed situation. However, if 1 year has passed since the birth of the child, no application or petition can be submitted.

Please note that the consul has no competence in assessing the application and allocating the maternity allowance; the consul only participate in the receipt and transmission of the applications to Hungary.

Attention! The application can also be submitted electronically, via the Governmental Client Gate (Ügyfélkapu) (, or it can also be submitted by post to the Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár, 1081 Budapest, Fiumei út 19/A.).

The Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár) directly responsible for processing the applications, as well as the allocation of the allowance within eight days after the acceptance of the application. The State Treasury provides information directly to customers at

The State Treasury recommends to the applicants to choose a bank transfer (not cash payment).

FÉTÁM (Youth start-up support - so-called "Baby Bond / Babakötvény")

A state-granted one-time support amounting to HUF 42,500 is available as a start-up allowance, which is credited by the Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár) to a start-up deposit account opened for the child. Until the child reaches the age of 18, the amount deposited in the account is increased annually by the Hungarian State Treasury with an interest rate subsidy equal to inflation. The savings accumulated in this way can be disposed once the child is over 18 year-old.

The application can be submitted after the birth of the child. The FÉTÁM application must be declared on the same form with the maternity allowance. FÉTÁM can also be requested independently without a time limit; in this case, a separate form must be completed later.

In case of a Hungarian citizen child, whose birth has already been registered, a copy of the child's Hungarian identity card or passport, and the applicant's (parent's or other legal representative's) identity card must also be presented. In case of an application submitted by an adoptive parent or a guardian, in addition to the above, the decision of the guardianship authority authorizing the adoption and the decision of the guardian’s appointment must also be attached.