Useful information

Children should apply for a separate, independent passport (so they are not included in their parents’ passports).

Under age of 6, the passport is valid for 3 years. Between age of 6-12, the passport is valid for 5 years.

Passport application can be submitted only in possession of a Hungarian birth certificate. If the child was born abroad and does not yet have a Hungarian birth certificate (NOT the translated Turkish birth certificate!), first the application for the registration of birth in Hungary has to be submitted together with the application for the passport. In this regard, please read carefully the “Registration of birth” section (under “Civil registration” tab) on our website.  


How to apply?

Passport application can be submitted only in person by prior appointment. Appointments can be made via the online reservation system.

The use of the online reservation system and making appointment is free of charge.

Online booking system

When booking an appointment "Passport application” (“Útlevél") case type should be selected. The number of persons for whom you request the passport should be entered, too.

In the case of a minor applicant under age of 12, the presence of both parents is required to submit the application, but the child does not have to appear. Both parents must have a valid photo-identification document (passport or identity card), which, in case of the Hungarian citizen parent, can only be a Hungarian identity card or passport.

If one parent has the sole right of parental custody, this fact must be duly verified by an appropriate document (relevant court decision, court-approved settlement of the parents, death certificate of the deceased parent, etc.).

If one of the parents is unable to show up when applying for the passport, please contact the Consulate General ( for more information how to make a statement of consent.

Please bring 1 passport photo of the child.

Duration of the procedure, receiving the new passport

To receive your passport, you can choose from the following options:

  • posting to your address in Hungary
  • receiving in Hungary at the local Governmental Document Office (“Okmányiroda”)
  • receiving at the customer service of the Central Governmental Document Office (“Központi Okmányiroda ügyfélszolgálata”)
  • pick up in person at the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul
  • posting to your address in Turkey.

Passports are delivered from Hungary to the Consulate General at certain times; so the average procedural time is 3-5 weeks, including delivery to the Consulate. Please take the procedural time into consideration when planning your trips with the new passport. Since the procedural time can be longer, please do not buy any travel tickets (flight or bus tickets etc.) before your passport is delivered. The Consulate General excludes all liability for any damages deriving from the late arrival of the passports.

If the applicant does not have a valid Hungarian passport, identity card, Hungarian citizenship certificate or naturalization document, and the personal data and address registration system does not verify his/her Hungarian nationality, a Hungarian citizenship examination must be carried out ex officio. In this case, the passport procedural time shall be extended by an average of 3-6 months, but the citizenship examination procedure can be even longer.


Validity of passport

The passport can be issued for under age of 6 with a validity of 3 years, between the ages of 6-12 with a validity of 5 years.


Passport procedure fees

You can find the list of the passport (Magánútlevél igénylése) service fees here.

Please note that if you lost your previous passport, or you apply for a so-called “second passport”, the fees are higher.

If you apply for a new passport because the previous one was stolen, you can be exempted from the extra charges only if you present the original copy of the police report.