C type visa applications shall be submitted at AS Visa's offices in



Aziziye mahallesi Cinnah caddesi no: 98/1 Çankaya / ANKARA

Istiklal Mahallesi Derviş Gülbaba Sokak No.:2/C-D Beyoğlu – ISTANBUL (Polat Piyalepaşa)


Phone: 0212 245 95 95

E-mail: info@as-visa.com

Web site: https://www.as-visa.com/

Appointments are available through the website of the AS VISA SOLUTIONS: https://www.as-visa.com/online-randevu.aspx#

In case an interview is necessary with the applicant, the interview takes places at the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul or at the Embassy of Hungary in Ankara:

Embassy of Hungary in Ankara

Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul

Sancak Mahallesi, Layoş Koşut Caddesi No.2., / Kahire Caddesi No. 30., 06550 Yıldız, Çankaya, ANKARA

POLAT OFIS B Blok, İmrahor Cad. Yankı Sokak No: 27 Gürsel Mah., Kağıthane – 34400 ISTANBUL


Submission of the application:

Visa applications can be submitted up to 6 months before the intended travel and no sooner than 15 calendar days to the date of departure. In case there are less than 16 days to the intended travel date, the application cannot be submitted or accepted. In justified individual cases of urgency, the consulate may allow lodging of applications within 15 calendar days before the intended travel date.

Application can be submitted:

  1. if your sole destination is Hungary,
  2. if the visit includes more than one destinations, or if several separate visits are planned within a 2 month-period, but the main destination of your travel is Hungary in terms of the length or purpose of stay,
  3. if you would like to transit through Hungary,
  4. if you transit through Hungary only,
  5. in case you transit through more than one Member States, but the first one is Hungary.

Visa fees:

Schengen visa fees as of 2 February 2020:

Visa type                                                         New fee in Euro

Schengen visa                                                  90 EUR

Schengen visa child 6-12years                         40 EUR*

Schengen visa child 0-6 years                  Free of charge

          *For Turkish citizens under the age of 12 it is free of charge, if the travel destination is Hungary (in case of Portugal or Slovenian travel destination it is 40 EUR)

 Visa fees for family members of EEA citizens:

    Hungarian citizens: no exemption, the general price written above

    Portuguese citizens:  children or spouse of the Portuguese citizen is exempted from visa fee (but AS visa service fee has to be paid)

    Slovenian citizens: children or spouse of the Slovenian citizen is exempted from visa fee (but AS visa service fee has to be paid)

Visa application forms:





VIP applications:

VIP services are provided by the AS VISA, for more information: https://www.as-visa.com/DynamicPage.aspx?ID=45&CategoryID=15. Please note that even in case of VIP applications the 15 days for decision making set by the Visa Code is still applicable.

The Schengen visa means an authorization issued by a Member State with a view to transit through or an intended stay in the territory of the Member States. The maximum duration of stay with Schengen visa can be 90 days in any 180 day-period from the date of first entry in the territory of the Member States.

The Schengen visa does not mean an automatic permission to enter the Schengen area. At the border, the conditions of the entering and planned staying in the territory of the Member States can still be examined. 

How long the visa procedure takes? 

The visa procedure takes 15 calendar days. In specific cases, that period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days, notably when further scrutiny is needed. Exceptionally, the period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days, when additional documentation is needed. For Turkish citizens there is no emergency procedure. There is an emergency procedure for citizens whose country of origin has a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union.



  • APPLICATION FORM: It must be completely filled, legible and signed in the signature section, and on the last page must be signed by the passport holder. Home address, e-mail address and mobile phone number should be given; all these contacts should belong to the applicant. Application forms can be filled with blue, black pencil or digitally. If the applicant is under 18 years old, signatures must be given by both of the parents.
  • TWO BIOMETRIC PHOTOGRAPHS: It must be taken in the last 6 months, facing the objective directly, visible in the face, ears and forehead and the backlight must be white, size 35 mm x 45 mm.
  • TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY: The insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries and cover the minimum foreseen transit and residence time. Minimum policy coverage must be 30.000 € and cover minimum travel dates. As of July 1, 2024, travel health insurance policies are also accepted with e-signature.
  • PASSPORT PHOTOCOPIES: Full photocopy of all processed pages in passport including identification information page(s) too.

Your passport has to be valid for at least 90 days from the day of the intended leave of the territory of the Member States, and has to be issued within the last 10 years; also has to include at least two blank pages.

Note: Photocopies of Schengen, UK, US visas taken within the last 3 years in the old passport if it is any.

Note: Passport and visa photocopies of people you travel with are required too. If the person you travel with has a green passport, a photocopy of the identification page of the passport will suffice.

  • EMPLOYER'S PERMISSION OF LEAVE: It must be taken from the company of applicant printed on letterhead signed and stamped by the employer, who indicates the person's travel dates and that he/she is allowed to leave on those dates. The payroll should be original and it must cover the last 3 months and must be signed and stamped by the company’s authorized person. The permission can be written in Turkish, English or Hungarian language.
  • ORIGINAL PERSONAL BANK STATEMENT: a bank account statement showing the last 3 months of the account movements must be received from the bank no later than a week before the application date and must be signed and stamped by the authorized person in the bank. Even if the bank account is taken from net bank, it must be stamped and signed by the bank authority. If the person is the owner of the company, he/she can apply with the account of the company. Your account must have enough balance to finance your travel.

Note: Applicants can also add photocopies of credit card statements along with the bank accounts. (Adding credit card statement is not mandatory.)

    • Certificate of activity (It should be taken in the last 6 months).
    • Trade registry gazette (The title and partners of the company must be clearly indicated).
    • Tax certificate (It should be up-to-date. The closed tax period has to be processed).
    • Sample of signature (If the authority of the company is present or if the power of attorney is given by the company authority, it is required to declare the power of attorney and the statement of signature who is given power of attorney in addition to the signature sample).
  • SPONSORSHIP LETTER: If travel expenses are covered by a family member, the relationship connection must be proven.

Note: If the costs are to be covered by the spouse, marriage certificate is required.

  • COPY OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE: If the travel expenses are to be covered by one of the spouses, or in case the marriage name and birth name of the applicant are different.
  • RESIDENCE PERMIT: third country citizens living in Turkey must have a valid residence permit in order to make a visa application. The residence permit must be valid for 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States..
  • STUDENT CERTIFICATE: It must be taken from school and updated.

Note: The student card is not accepted.




  • Flight / travel reservations or other proof of intended transport: Reservation(s) -Bus, Train, Plane, Vehicle, Ferry etc.- must include PNR (reservation number) or ticket number, name of the passenger(s) and travel dates. In case of travel to more than one country, city/country transfers must be shown in the application.
  • Proof of means of subsistence: e.g. bank account statement on the account turnover during the last three months, and – proof of regular income e.g. salary slips of the last three months (or similar).
  • Proof of sponsorship and/or accommodation.
  • Invitation and/or guarantee according to national legislation: http://oif.gov.hu/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=66&Itemid=820&lang=en
  • Invitation letter from the company in Hungary issued on behalf of the traveller is required, stating the details of the person traveling on the letterhead and the travel details. The original invitation must be signed and wet stamped.
  • For attendance to a fair the entry card or documents about participation. An invitation letter stating the details of the travel that the company issuing the fair entrance card or the fair was arranged in the name of the person to travel is required.
  • The following documents shall be presented by either of the categories:
    • If the applicant is employed: – letter from employer, Certificate of Activity from the employer and/or approval for leavepay slips for the last three months, SGK (social security) registration document and SGK "hizmet dökümü".
    • If the applicant is a farmer – farmer certificate issued by a chamber of agriculture.
    • If applicant is employed by or owner of a private company: the company registration in the chamber of commerce and a copy of the bulletin of the trade register, statement of taxes payment.
    • If the applicant is retired: proof of pension (either bank account statement or pensioner booklet).

Announcement of the need for workforce (in Hungarian “Munkaerőigény bejelentés”) to the Hungarian labour authorities as well as work permit are mandatory. Even in case of priority investments, visa applications for work purpose can only be submitted with these certificates. If the planned stay of the employee in Hungary is

  • less than 15 days, the announcement of need for workforce and work permit are not required;
  • for those who stay longer than 15 days, but less than 30 days, it is necessary to request a work permit from the Government Office (“Kormányhivatal”);
  • for those who stay longer than 30 days, but less than 90 days, have to add a certificate of announcement of the need for workforce (“Munkaerőigény bejelentés”) and work permit (“Munkavállalási engedély”) to the visa application documentation.


Applicants can appeal against the negative decision within eight calendar days from the date of receiving the decision on refusal

The fee of the appeal procedure is 160 EUR, which shall be paid at the same time when submitting the appeal.

In order to submit an appeal application, an appointment must always be made through the online appointment system. Appointments are made through the online APPOINTMENT SYSTEM.

Required documents for appealing:

  • Appeal statement: Written in the official language of the European Union, practically in English or Hungarian.
  • New additional supporting documents: Documents to support the application that have not been previously submitted.

Appeal applications must be submitted to the related authority that rejected the submitted application. If the person applied at the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul, appeal application must be made through the Consulate General in Istanbul. If the application was made from the Hungarian Embassy in Ankara, the person must appeal against the negative decision through the Embassy in Ankara.

The decision of an appeal application is given by the competent Hungarian authority within 15 calendar days (the deadline can be prolonged in specific cases especially if more documents are needed).

The appeal decision may be subject to judicial review at the relevant Hungarian Court within 3 days from receiving the appeal decision.