Events (like birth, marriage, divorce, death) of a Hungarian citizen abroad shall be registered with the Hungarian authorities by applying for the “Hungarian registration procedure”.

Application for the Hungarian registration can be submitted at the consulate, but it is not possible to apply at the honorary consul.

In the Hungarian registration procedure, the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul receives the application and then transmits it to the competent authority in Hungary. The procedure is performed by the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office (Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala - BFKH).

Email address of the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office (BFKH):

Reception time: Wednesday 08.30-12.00

Telephone: (+36 1) 323 3176 / 3162

Please note that the original copy of the foreign birth, marriage or divorce certificate (for example Formül A, Formül B) will be added to the registration documentation, therefore, the original copies cannot be returned to the applicant.

Marriage registration application can be submitted only in person by prior appointment. Appointments can be made via the online reservation system.

The use of the online reservation system and making appointment is free of charge.

Online booking system

If you are a Hungarian citizen intending to marry in Turkey, you are advised to obtain accurate and up to date information regarding the conditions of the marriage, the documents to be submitted and their formal requirements (certifications, translations) from the local population registry office (Nüfus İdairesi) competent at the place of the marriage.

In Turkey, a marriage certificate (Aile Cüzdanı) is issued at the time of marriage. After the marriage, the international marriage certificate (evlenme kayıt örneği) can be requested at the local population registry office (Nüfus İdairesi) for free of charge. This document shall be submitted to the Consulate General. The international marriage certificate is accepted without an Apostille certificate or an authentic translation.

The required documents are the followings:

  • original foreign marriage certificate (evlenme kayıt örneği)
  • valid passport or identity card to prove the identity of the applicant and his / her spouse
  • document certifying Hungarian citizenship, which may be the same as a document presented for proving identity (Hungarian passport, identity card or naturalization document, citizenship document issued not more than a year ago)
  • simple copy of the Hungarian citizen’s birth certificate
  • proof of family status before the marriage: final court decision about the divorce; death certificate if the applicant is a widow (proof of single / unmarried marital status is not required).

From 15th March of 2024 the original foreign birth, marriage and death certificates submitted in the application for civil registration procedures are evenly required to have certified Hungarian translation. There is also a possibility to prepare the authentic translation at the Consulate General during submitting the application itself. You can find the relevant service fees here.

The registration of marriage is free of charge.

If the registration of the birth of the Hungarian citizen has not yet taken place in Hungary, he or she has to apply for the registration of the birth at the same time as the application for the registration of the marriage.

A new Hungarian passport can be issued for the married name, only after the registration of the marriage has been completed in Hungary.