• How can I book an appointment?

C type (short-term visa - stays up to 90 days within a 180-day period): Appointments for C type visa applications are made through AS Visa Center's online appointment system (https://www.as-visa.com/DynamicPage.aspx?ID=51). Quotas are updated every week.

** Extra appointments are not provided for tourist visa applications. Extra appointments are only provided under very urgent and special circumstances. Likewise, business appointments are provided at the discretion of the Consulate. When requesting an appointment for business purposes, an invitation letter should always be sent with the e-mail. Appointment requests should always be sent to randevu.ist@mfa.gov.hu e-mail address.

*** Third country nationals who are wishing to apply for a C type visa should send their appointment requests together with their residence card copies (both sides of the residence card must be sent) to info@as-visa.com.

D type (residence visa application - stays of more than 90 days): D type visa applications are made through the Consulate General's online appointment system (https://konzinfobooking.mfa.gov.hu/home). Quotas are updated on a regular basis.

  • I want to apply for a visa. I am not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. What should be the validity period of my residence card?

C type visa applications: Third-country nationals must have a valid residence permit in order to apply for a visa. The residence permit must be valid for 3 months from the date of return from the Schengen Area.

D type visa applications: For D type visa applications for educational purposes, the residence card must be valid for at least for a month. For all other types of D type visa applications, the residence card must be valid for at least 3 months.

  • How to submit an appeal? How can I book an appointment? Which documents do I need to bring when submitting my appeal application?  I could not find an appointment within eight calendar days to appeal, what should I do?

Appeal applications must be submitted within 8 calendar days after receiving the passport and refusal decree from AS Visa Center or via cargo. Appointments must be made through the Consulate General's online appointment system (https://konzinfobooking.mfa.gov.hu/home). On the day of the appointment, the applicant should come directly to the Consulate General with the appeal application documents. Since the online appointment system does not know the date the applicant received the decree, appointments can be still book through the system even if they exceed 8 days; however, no appeal application that exceeds the legal deadline will be accepted on the day of the appointment at the Consulate General. Appeal applicants must submit a letter of appeal (written in the official language of the European Union, in practice in English or Hungarian) and provide new additional supporting documents relevant to their appeal (these documents must not have been submitted before with the initial application).

Please note that no extra appointments are booked for an appeal by e-mail. Likewise, it is not possible to submit an appeal application by sending documents via e-mail. We recommend checking the online appointment system regularly. The quotas are being updated and you will be able to book the places of people who have canceled their appointments.

  • Why was my appeal appointment canceled?

Appeals must be lodged within 8 calendar days after receipt of the rejection decree. For example, if a person receives the rejection decree on May 22, the deadline for submitting an appeal is May 30. If a person books an appeal appointment for a date 1 month later, of course, the appeal will not be accepted on the day of the appeal appointment, as the legal deadline has been exceeded. Therefore, in order to protect the rights of applicants, appointments that are too far in the future are automatically canceled.

  • When will my application be finalized? Where is my passport?

Passports are sent to AS Visa Center once the applications are concluded. You can track the location of your passport through AS Visa Center's passport tracking system.


  • AS Visa Center's website does not open/work. What should I do?

There may be errors in the system due to high numbers of people trying to access to the website at the same time. Since the system belongs to AS Visa Center, you should contact AS Visa Center about this issue.

  • What are the documents required for the application? Where can I find the list?

All details on how to submit an application (booking an appointment, necessary documents, etc.) are available on the website in three languages (Hungarian, Turkish and English). You should always check the website for details. For details on how to apply for a D type visa, we also recommend checking the website of the National Directorate General of the Foreigners' Police (http://www.bmbah.hu/index.php?lang=en).

  • Is an interview mandatory for D type visa applications?

Unless otherwise stated, a short interview is conducted with the applicants.

  • How can I get information about my application? Can my relative, spouse, etc. get information about my application?

Persons except than the applicant are considered as third parties and information is not shared with third parties. However, if the person is a minor, information is provided to his/her parent or legal guardian. No information is provided to any other person due to the law on the protection of personal data.

  • Can someone else pick up/collect my passport?

If someone other than the applicant wants to get the passport, they must have the same surname and must have a valid power of attorney stating that person can collect the passport. Together with the power of attorney, the applicant must write a statement that specific person can collect his /her passport. Be sure that the statement contains the applicant's name, surname and the details of the person who will receive the passport, as well as the signature and date.

If the applicants applied at the same time, this person can collect the other applicant's passport. Otherwise, the applicant must personally pick up the passport or request cargo delivery if it is convenient for the person.

At the time of application, AS Visa Center provides an information slip regarding the delivery times. Do not forget to check the information slip.

  • I have another trip or I have to apply for a visa for another country. I will need my passport, what should I do?

While your application is under evaluation, you need to write a statement that you are requesting your passport back. Be sure that the statement contains your name, surname, date and signature. Along with the statement, please also send / attach plane ticket or appointment document showing that you have applied for a visa (and you have another appointment for that application). Documents can be sent by e-mail. All documents must be sent as a single e-mail and in PDF format. After we receive the documents, the passport will be sent to AS Visa Center. You can track the location of your passport through AS Visa Center's passport tracking system.

At least 3 working days notice must be given prior to the available travel or appointment date.

If the current situation is known prior to the application and the travel date / application date is very close, a statement can be written and the relevant documents can be attached to the file and the passport can be requested after submitting the application to AS Visa Center.

  • How long do fingerprints stay registered in the Schengen system? Do I have to provide fingerprints?

If the applicant has not submitted his/her fingerprints for any Schengen application in the last 59 months, he/she must appear in person and submit his/her fingerprints. The application cannot be started until the fingerprint is registered in the system. The person must be sure that he/she has submitted all 10 fingerprints in the previous application. If all fingers were not registered in the previous application (all 10 fingers), the fingerprint will not be registered in the system and the file cannot be started. In case of missing fingerprints in the system, the person is called and invited to submit fingerprints at the Consulate General. The person is expected to arrive as soon as possible so that the file can be started.

  • Does the Consulate General provide document translation services?

Translation services are not provided.

  • Can the document be apostilled?

Apostille is only done by the competent authorities in Hungary. If an apostille is required, the document must be sent to Hungary. This procedure is a long procedure (months long) with correspondence between ministries. If an apostille is requested, the time is both prolonged and subject to a fee. Please check the link for details:


  • Can I change my travel date after I have submitted my application?

There must be at least 15 calendar days between the travel date and the application date, and once the travel date has been updated, this rule must be followed again.  A new valid flight and hotel reservation and travel medical insurance covering the trip must be submitted in accordance with this rule. There is no guarantee that the Consul will take this date into consideration when reviewing the application.